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Welcome to !  This is a resource to help you get in touch with the latest in extreme sports, kitesurfing or kiting. Kite Surfing is a growing family of sports.

Below you can read a little kitesurfing history:

George Pocick took a basic kite design in the 1800's to the new level by increasing it's size and used it to power carts on land and ships on the water. The designs are now designed the same way they were back then. With the wind generating enough lift the kite would get off of the ground and was powerfull enough to sustain it for a period of time.

Once the kite is in the air it's able to make it's own wind, proportionately faster creating a higher speed for the vehicle. This kind of kites where able to pull man-made vehicles on the ground, ice, snow and water.

In the begining all kites where deployed from the land and not from the water, where kitefurfing takes place. Wipika, Kiteski, fOne, Concept Air, C-Quad and Naish Kites came to a water launch and relaunch kites. Their kites could be launched even after falling in the water.

Laird Hamilton and Manu made a demonstration of the extreme sport opportunities in the late 1990's on the Hawaiian coast of Maui. The demonstration was made for radical surfers and wake boarders. Kitesurfing popularity has skyrocketed since then and it's one of the fastest growing sports.

These days there are a lot of organizations and kitesurfing competitions. There are also worldwide magazines and videos dedicated to kitesurfing and the thrills it provides.









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